Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Michigan Craft Beer Challenge

Sometimes I think that I take for granted how lucky I am to live in such a great state. Michigan is beautiful: the beaches, the rivers, the mountains. There is so much natural beauty, but that is not all. Just yesterday the family and I headed into Grand Rapids to take the kids to John Ball Zoo. We had a blast! Sure it could have been a touch cooler, but I won't complain. After the zoo, we headed over to Brewery Vivant for dinner. The food was top notch, the tap room gorgeous, and the beers tasty. It got me thinking about how great it is to hail from our awesome peninsula.

This morning, when I saw postings online about Michigan Craft Beer Month it got me thinking about this challenge. Let's celebrate our states craft beer scene by extending our beer boundaries and trying one new Michigan craft brewery per week. As you do, post pictures of your pint, on Facebook and Twitter, and tell your friends about it. Also, challenge them to do the same. Make sure to tag your post #MichiganCraftBeerMonth or #MICraftBeerMonth.

So head to your bottle shop or your local pub and get to buying some Michigan craft beer! I look forward to seeing your celebrations of craft beer on the interwebs!

Drink good (Michigan) beer with good people!