Friday, February 17, 2012

Brewery Construction: A Check In

Things are really coming into focus. This week I stopped in to the brewery to help Bruce, our Operations Manager, place our serving tanks in the mezzanine. 

Tanks in the loft prior to being set in place

When I first walked in and looked at the four 15bbl serving tanks I was wondering how we were going to get two more 7bbl tanks up there. Bruce and I climbed the ladder to begin situating the the tanks with a hand truck. After some manipulation and a lot of talk about the final look and functionality of the loft area, I feel as if we came away with some really workable space and a look that will really be cool for the patrons of the bar and restaurant. 

In the loft with tanks arranged.

On the functional side, I was really excited to see the pitch of the floor, or the way the floor angles to the floor drain. That will really help out a lot for clean up, and the like. 

This was the first time that Bruce and I could really take a walk through the building that we will be working in and our time was very productive. We ironed out some issues with cleaning and sanitation that are particular to our equipment as well as concepts for spot keg filling and beer line chilling.

The interior walls are all studded out. The final flooring coat is going in on the brewery in days, then the brewhouse, various fermenters, etc. will be placed in the final week of February. As far as opening dates, a lot of that will depend on when we get our final inspection from the Feds. Stay tuned...

Drink good beer with good people!

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